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Traffic Walker

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Do you like the drive a car? And if you are careful about the traffic actions in the traffic jams? If your answers are yes, you can try to play the Traffic Walker game! In this game, drivers must be careful for all the other cars, vehicles etc. If you hit a car, game is over. But this is not only rule of this adventure. Drive Fast and Pay Attention! If you are not a part of traffic accident, there is not any problem in this Car Game adventure. Even you hit a car mistakenly, everything will be over. - This game can be played on smart phones and the PC also. On the mobile devices, you can use the touchpad as you know. While going left or right, you can use only your fingers. But on the PC, the direction keys will be helpful for you. - At the beginning of the game, you can select the car. If you don’t have enough money, you will drive a normal (standard) car. - The main target is not hitting anywhere and keep the speed on the way if there are too many cars on the road or not… You talents and accuracy are very important to be successful in this game. - While you are passing the other cars closely on the road, you gain points. If risk is high, points are high. Risk is belonged to distance. If distance is so much between you and other car, risk is very high and points will be bigger that you have. - You can select different game modes such as one way, two ways, time limited games or others… - You can also select the weather conditions such as sunny, night… - Now, you can enjoy with the 3D Car Games and you can see your talents on the traffic jam.

Date Added: 2017-02-03

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