Traffic Racer 3D

Traffic Racer 3D

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If you like to drive cars or being fast on the roads, this game is really perfect for you! You can play it on computer or the mobile devices easily. This is Traffic Racer 3D and you will love it! Details of the Game! Now, you can get all the info about the game and you can prepare yourself before having to much adrenaline! - This is a kind of car game and the main point is about avoiding the car accidents! If you hit a car, the game will be over! So, you should be very careful on the road with your car. - If you play this game on computer, the direction keys are available to be used. But if you have a smart phone or tablet and want to play this game, you can use the touchable screen and you can move your device for directions. - This is not a Race Game but you must be faster to get so many coins. At the end, you can change your car if you have enough money. - While passing the other cars, you will gain so many moneys and points. You can find the blanks on the road and you mustn’t hit another car. If you will, you will lose the game… - Like all the Car Games 3D selections, effects are very important here. You can listen the motor noise and you can see the visual details. - In this game, you can select the country and road. On the map, you can go to the everywhere on the world to drive your car. You can be in the city with your car, or you can also be on the dessert in Africa. Now, you can check the game and play it for free. Be fast and careful, these are enough to entertain…

Date Added: 2017-05-05

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