Skies Of War

Skies Of War

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Every war game has its own rules for players. This is really normal, it is about the characteristic issue for all. Also the 3D Skies of War game has different specialties for the gamers. You can control your plane with touching on the screen. You can touch on the screen to move right or left. If you will play the game on computer, you can also left click on the screen to go there. There are so many different plane types in this adventures. You will fight with the enemies on the sky and you must be avoid to have more hits. If you have so many hits, you will lose the sky war. Before starting the game, you can select the war areas and the levels. But if you play for the first time, you don’t have so many selections and you must to start from the first area and the first level. After passing every game mode, you can see the new places. In the Sky War Game you must to destroy the enemies’ planes with your shoots. You have some weapons and you can kill the enemies easily. But your plane must be a bit fast to go away the enemies’ shooting to you.

Game Details

War planes and sky wars are wondered by so many people. These two topics are very interesting for the people. In the world wars or different wars in the history, the war planes are on the scene every time. Because of this some war games are based on these sky wars. Also the Skies of War game is one the best example of these adventures. You can be a war pilot and shoot the enemies on the sky, in different geographical areas. Let’s see the details of the game…

Date Added: 2017-06-08

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