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Rubic Cube

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You must to heard about the rubic cube games. In general, there are different colors on different sides of the cubes and you must to make every different colors together in one side and so, at the end of the problem, you can see all the colors on different walls of the cube. But in this game, you can see the fruits on the small squares. The main target is the same; make all the same type fruits on the same side of the cube. You can use the front, back, left, right etc. squares on the screen. These modules affect to the cube. You can change the front side, back side or other sides and it changes the fruits’ positions. You can use these command squares with touching on the screen if you play the 3D Rubic Cube game on smart devices or only left click of the mouse if you are on the computer. The right top of the screen, you can see the time and it shows how many seconds are passed while you are playing on the same cube. On the left side of the screen, you can see the solve, reset etc. command squares and you can try different actions with these commands on the Rubic Cube Game adventure.

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The mind games are really important for all people. Young players or adult players should play these games to make them more clever. In the social life, people face to more problems and they need to solve different types of problems in a short time. For this talent, mind games are helpful for people. Because, these games help to brain about more and more working. The Rubic Cube game is one of these games and it is very popular in these years.

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