Return Football Man

Return Football Man

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There are so many different sport games in the internet, also in the stores for smart phones. But if you want to play a real football, we mean American Football, you are on the true address now! The Return Football Man is waiting for you, for big enjoyment. In this game, you can feel that how an American football player is feeling on the pitch. Because of this so many youth people who really like to watch and play this game, download this Return Football Man to their smart phones or only play on the browser. Now, we can check the game rules and how is this adventure… Play the Real Football Game! On the world, millions of people watch and play the football, but it is not the real one! It is only soccer. For the real one, just try to play this selection; - You are only the one player on the pitch, for your team. But the against teams have 9 players. You must to be fast! - There are 9 different teams in the American Football 3D game and all of them are symbols for the levels. For example, Arizona is the first team you must to beat and they are level 1. After every win, you will match with the upper level team. - In the teams, there are some special players who have golden shiny around themselves. They are so fast! In the upper levels, you will see more of them. - Like all the Football Games the main target is reaching the other side of the pitch without any touch to the opponents. You can use mouse for this game and also the touchpad is enough to play. Use the blanks between the players or take them different places and create the big blanks with your talents!

Date Added: 2017-01-30

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