Racing Car Game Bomb

Racing Car Game Bomb

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Racing Car Game Bomb All the car games are very attractive for the players. Especially for the boys, these games are the wonderful adventures. There are different types of adventures when you think about the car games. Race games, parking games or the other types can be played easily. But Racing Car Game Bomb is really different adventure for all players. How to Play The Racing Car Game Bomb? In this adventure, there is a car which is used by you on the road but it has a bomb. This bomb is very dangerous and it shouldn’t be exploded. For this, players must pay attention for some things… - The 3D Racing Car Game can be played with the keyword (direction keys on it) or directly touch on the mobile devices. You can go to left, right and being fast on the forward destination. - The main target of the game is having high speed with the car, not to hit anywhere and go on with the bomb which shouldn’t be exploded. If your speed will be lower and not enough the bomb will be exploded, the game will be over. - On the left side of the screen, there is a red bar. This bar shows that the bomb situation. If your speed is not high enough, the red color will be decreased and if the bar will be empty, your car will be exploded. - To avoid the explosion, player must to try to drive very fast. Then, they also try to avoid a car crush. When you hit a car in the traffic jam, the bomb bar lose the red color. If you want to feel adrenaline, don’t wait for the playing Racing Car Game here. If you have more money after first races, you can also change your car with the new and expensive one.

Date Added: 2017-01-31

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