Flick Football

Flick Football

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There are so many football games and these adventures are really popular like real football matches. Because of this not only children, but also adult people can play these games. The 3D Flick Football game is the best selection in this area. You must to know the important things about this game; You can be a goalkeeper or the shooter. You can select the game modes before starting to play. For example you can shoot directly, you can save the shoots, you can use a free kick wall instead of yourself or other modes can be selected. If you are on the smart phones or tablets, you can use the touch area to play. For example, when you shoot, you tap on the screen and flick your finger to the goal. You can set your shoot power with your finger or also the direction of the shoot. You can set the difficulty levels of the goal keeper or you can change the general settings for the game. The shoot position, ball position or the other things can be set. In this football game you can kick the ball how you want and you can be the footballer here. If you like to be a goalkeeper, you can save the shoots in different game modes. Now, if you are ready, you can go to the stadium and play the football.

Game Details

Football games are very popular selections among all the types of the computer games. After using smart phones, you can find really different football games in the application stores. At this point, today we will present another one for both areas; the Flick Football game can be played on the computers or smart phones. Also you can play it on the tablets. Let’s check this game;

Date Added: 2017-05-18

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