Finger Soccer Stars

Finger Soccer Stars

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People like to watch and also play the football games. In every country, there are so many football watchers. Because of this so many football leagues and teams are well – known by people. So, football games are very popular on the world just because of this. Especially the Finger Soccer Stars game is one of the best ones. Playing this game is easy, being winners is a bit difficult, general feelings are perfect! Please Check These Points Before Playing This Game! - Players choose the game mode at the beginning. For example 1 player game, 2 players game or tournament modes can be selected. - Then, players can select their favorite team which is controlled by them. If 2 players game mode is selected, both users chose their own teams to play. - Like all the other Football Games players can set their team settings. - After setting all these steps, the game will be begun. Every team has 6 players on the field and the main target is having score more than the opposite team. - About controlling, there are 2 different ways; if you are playing it on the PC, you can use only mouse and left button of it. You can set the destination of the football players on the field and when you are sure about the shooting position, you can click on the left button of the mouse. After this, that football player will go on that direction to touch the ball. If you are playing it with your fingers, you can do all these things with your fingers on the screen. When you tap on the screen, you can also shoot. Attractive Football Games When you check the 3D Football Games you can see that people search for more adventures and high quality effects inside of the game. This game has all these things…

Date Added: 2017-04-17

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