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Dash Craft

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Dash Craft Millions of people like to play different character games on the PC or mobile devices. Especially for the games which have different levels inside are very attractive for kids. The Dash Craft game is one of the best adventures in this area. All kids will like it and play this game frequently. Let’s look at the game rules and details of it… Enjoy with The Cute Cube Characters! - There are so many traps in the game. TNT bombs, cars, vehicles, rivers etc. can be seen on the road and you must to be away of them to continue to move on the road. - The main target is being alive and collecting the golden stars to have so many points. - Forward, back, left and right buttons are used here. For jumping, walking to left and walking to right moves can be done with these buttons. - In the beginning of the game, players must select the cute cube character in this 3D Game. There are 10 different cube characters to be chosen. One of them can be selected for free; but others need to have points… Some of these cute cube characters are; * Cube Man * Cube Man with glasses * Colorful Cube Man * Cute Cube Dog * Cute Cube Monkey * Cute Cube Pig * Cute Cube Ox * Cute Cube Penguin * Cute Yellow Cube Brood Be Careful For The Dangerous Traps! In the Character Games when players want to review their characters, they must to skip the first levels. Then, they can choose a new character and go on in the game. In the Dash Craft, if you have enough points, you don’t need to wait so long time to get the best and favorite characters for you. This adventure has different types of traps on the roads. You must to be careful about them and keep moving on the road.

Date Added: 2017-01-30

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