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Craft Platform Game

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There is another world in the craft games. Now, you can prepare yourself for this perfect adventure! Not only on PC, but also on your smart phones and mobile devices, you can play the Craft Platform Game for free. Let’s check it out with all the details of the game… Another World, Strange Adventures! In this game, the main target is not being died. What does it mean? - In this 3D Craft Platform Game you have a profile of a human. This man needs to be alive and his lives can be seen on the screen. - The direction keys or touchpad will be used to move everywhere. You can go on directly, turn left, turn right or go back when you need. - There are 20 chapters here and every chapter has different dangerous things. Player avoid to fall down from the pitch to under the sky. Because of this watch your feet! - Some traps can be seen on the ways. A kind of them is blades which come from the underground. When they don’t appear, player can go on over them. But if player is caught by blades, it is died. - Other type of trap is flying blades. Blade machine turns different sides and player must be fast and careful because of these blades directions. - When you see the cross bones, notice that there will be a big trouble for you. For example, a camera machine can be appear and if it sees your player, it shoots. You must to run from its bullets. - There are so many interesting things in the Craft Platform Games as you see. One of them is the secret buttons. When you see the red buttons, you can touch (or move on) them and you can see that there is another system will be opened. Sometimes it can be a moving rock, sometimes it is only a gate…

Date Added: 2017-01-30

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