Classic Basketball

Classic Basketball

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How to play: Tap and hold the ball and drag the finger into the direction you want to shoot. The length determines the speed of the shot. Release the finger to shoot. The ball bounces realisticly from walls and the hoop. So you can even do trick shots

Game Details

If you like to play basketball, you can go outside and find a basketball field. But if you want to play it on the web, only come to the Classic Basketball game and enjoy! This game is the best one among all the sport games which are played by mouse. Let’s look at the specialties and other info of the game; How Is It Played? - Players can play this game by using mouse only, left click… - Firstly, players select the field which is used to play basketball. It can be street, sport arena or 2 other places. - Then, players can change the basketball type and the shooting circle. - At the end, the difficulty level can be selected and game can be played. - Into the game, players can notice the signs of the estimated shooting destination. They can change this destination while moving the mouse. Players try to find the best way to get the points and having a score! - When everything is set by players, they can click on left of the mouse and shoot. - Players have 5 balls totally. If they lose a shoot, one ball is being missed. After missing 5 balls, game is over. Perfect Adventure Players like to score in Basketball Games and because of this they need to find the best alternatives for them. In this game, there is a different adventure for all. If they have so many points, they can unlock the new basketball fields in the game. Plus this, there are really attractive effects in this game and everybody likes to play it. If you are one of basketball lovers, you can check this perfect example of the 3D Basketball Games on the web. You can set your shoots and scores on these different basketball arenas, show your talents also…

Date Added: 2017-01-01

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