City Moto Racer

City Moto Racer

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This game is a special motorcycle game and you must to be fast on the roads. But not only being fast, but also being careful is very important. - When you tap on the left, your racer will be on the left. When you tap on the right, it will be on the right of the way. So, controller are the direction keys or screen. - The main target is being alive in the traffic jam. There are so many cars and other things on the road and you must avoid to have a traffic accident. If you do it, you lose the game. - In this game, you can pick some items up from the roads. For example, being faster or stronger, you should pick these special signs up on the roads. So, your power is also being more and more in this 3d Moto Racer game. In the city, you can feel the traffic jam with your motorcycle. You will taste this perfect emotion on the roads and be happy with your developed motor. Especially for the youth people, having a motorcycle is a different feeling and they like to be on it among so many cars, buses and other vehicles. If you want to be the best racer in this Moto Race Game you must to be perfect racer on these roads.

Game Details

People like to drive cars or motorcycles. Most of them want to get in this kind of things on the roads. Also the car games or motor games are very attractive for so many people. Especially the motor races are really nice and interesting. On this point, you can also test this City Moto Racer game. In this game, you can drive a motorcycle in the city, among all the cars and other type of vehicles.

Date Added: 2017-05-24

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