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City Builder

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In this game, you can have so many different tools to make different things on the green lands. It means, everything is up to you. There are some points which are very important for the game, like timing, money etc. Now, let's check the special things about the game; - In this game, you can be the best 3D City Builder hero. You will control the directions and also the other tools. - You can have more people to work in your city. It depends on your budget and decisions. - You can make a new building, different places etc. If you have enough money, you can make so many places in your city and you can enlarge this city. - There are so many 3D structures in this game. So, the visual things are really nice. - You can invite your friends to play this game. Because of this there are some interactive tools on the screen. - You can see the awards also. The best players can be seen, and you can be one of them. In this 3D strategy games you can have so many things. You can be a major of a city, you can make a new town or similar areas. Everything can be real on these green areas with your creativity and interesting decisions. It is free, enjoy the game!

Game Details

Strategy games are really attractive and interesting projects for players. We can say that this kind of games make people more careful and clever. Because players must to organize so many things and they need to solve so many different problems. When they see an issue, there are different was to pass it and in these games players can try their talents. Also the City Builder is another mind game for players.

Date Added: 2017-06-19

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