Bus Simulator Bomb 3D

Bus Simulator Bomb 3D

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Are you ready to be the fastest driver on the world? You must to be this; if not? You will be exploded with your school bus! It is so interesting game which is called Bus Simulator Bomb 3D and you can play it on your smart phones and computers. Now, we can check the rules and how to play points; Do Not Explode, be Fast! As you know, being fast is so dangerous in the traffic. Especially in the crowded ways, you can be a reason of a big traffic crush if you are so fast with your car. But, sometimes, you must to careless about the rules just for your and other people’s health. This bus simulator game, you are carrying a bomb and if you don’t have enough speed, your bus will be exploded. This is like a speed trap. - You can play this Bus Simulator Game with your keyboard (direction keys) or only with touch… - When you start to go, don’t crush other cars and don’t be slow. - When you see a car or another vehicle on your way, change your direction immediately as moving left or right. So, you can escape the crushes. - If you go on the roads with slow speed, you have a big trouble. You can see the bomb bar on the left side of the screen and it is full of red. When your speed is being slowed, this red color will be decreased. At the end, when the red color will be finished in that bar, your bus will be exploded. - In the traffic, if you crush to another car, you bomb bar will be in dangerous again and you must to increase your speed urgently in this 3D Bus Game adventure. - Be careful, you can buy new different cars when you gain so much money and points. - There are different game modes; such as one way, two ways or time limited games…

Date Added: 2017-01-31

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