Block Craft Tetris

Block Craft Tetris

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Millions of people know the Tetris games. Especially in the past, there are some game devices which include this type game. Now, in the modern world, we can also taste the same feeling with the Block Craft Tetris on the smart phones or laptops. The logic is the same, the adrenaline is more! Let’s Play Tetris! May be one of the most popular game is Tetris on the world. Its story is old and this is not only for the kids; but also for the adults. People can learn so much things from it and it makes the brain works as thinking fast and practical. - In the game, the main target is try to avoid filling all the game area with the different block shapes. From the top, these blocks are dropping and player must to change their shape ways and set them on the available places in the area. - Firstly the bottom of the area should be filled and if all these shapes are matching with together and no blank in one row, that row will be deleted. So, new blanks can be get. - On the screen of the 3D Tetris game, you can see the “left” and “right” direction signs. These are for moving the blocks. At the same time, you can see the changing signs also. They are on the right side of the screen. These are useful for changing the shapes. For example, when you touch the left changing sign, the block will be turned to left around the axis. - Below these signs, you can see the “down” direction sign. It make the dropping move faster. The block will be dropped suddenly when you touch it. - If you like to play the Craft Tetris Game let’s start! You will be happy with it more and more. You can get the biggest points in the game also…

Date Added: 2017-01-30

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