Animal Racing

Animal Racing

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This game is not a typical race game. Standard races do not have so many adventures but in this 3D race game is really interesting. Now, you can check the details of it; In this game, animals are racing with their cars. You can touch on the screen or use the mouse to control everything. 1 touch (1 click) is for jumping. If you make it 2 times, your car jumps 2 times on the air. You can use different skills in the races but before it, you must to gain so many coins and develop your character. In the game, you can see the jumping and booster places. When you are on the booster sign, you can touch on the screen and you can be really faster. When you are on the jumping sign, touch and jump very high. You must to be first on the road and you must to collect all the coins. Both of them are important. In the beginning of the adventure, you can select the animal driver and race places. Interesting Race Game You can play this game on the tablets, smart phones or computers. This race game is for free… So, when you want to enjoy, join this adventure!

Game Details

Race games are very attractive for so many players. All the players like to play this kind of games and they want to be in these adventures. Some races can be played on normal roads, some races can be played in different places. These road types can be changed and it is so normal. Also the driver types can be different, do you know it? Not only humans, but also animals can be driver in the races. Especially in Animal Racing adventure you can notice it.

Date Added: 2017-06-08

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