Amazing Slither

Amazing Slither

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In the recent years, there are some new games on the web. These browser games are played interactively and players try to be the leader of the game with the big points. One of them is very popular; it is Slither! Now, you can play the Amazing Slither game here with your direction keys of the keyboard or on the mobile devices… Play the Slither Game! In this game, you have a profile which is a typical warm and you must to make it bigger and bigger. But for this growing, your worm must be feed very well with the colorful things on the ground. By the way, you must to go away from the bigger worms in the game, so your character will be alive. All these points and other details can be summarized here; - Play the Slither io game with the direction keys. You can turn left, turn right, go ahead or go back... - Be careful! Bigger worms can eat the smaller ones and you must be alive. You can go away these bigger worms. - On the ground, there are so many colorful points. These points are your food and you can eat them. While you are eating them, your worm is getting bigger and bigger. - At the beginning, you can have a nickname and write it on the blank of nickname. So, you can be a legend in this game. - Of course that the main target is being alive in Slither Game but there is another target for you. You must to collect so many points. With these points, you can be the real leader. - When your worm is bigger enough, your speed can be slow. It depends on your worm’s length in the game. Now, you can check the game and try to play it for free. You can show your talents on the pitch…

Date Added: 2017-01-05

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